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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


General Details



Peter Leslie GRANT












Aviation (holder of an Australian Private Pilot Licence, MECIR), Golf, Fishing, Entertaining



Tertiary Education

Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Science, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia (1982)



Skills Summary

      Solutions Architect for many major local and global projects involving the documentation, design and development of predominantly but not exclusively web based solutions for clients such as the Ford Motor Company, Telstra, BHP Billiton, Harvey Norman, News Limited and others.

      Project estimation and costing for small to medium sized projects.

      Strong collaborative skills illustrating the capability to work together with project stakeholders to obtain efficient, solid outcomes.

      Illustrated long standing ability to work independently in the design, implementation and management of projects to obtain cost effective results.

      Creating analysis and solution design documents, passing them to developers for implementation, then managing them through the project process to help ensure timely and on/under budget project delivery.

      Management of developers, providing implementation and code reviews and giving feedback to help ensure effective project outcomes and to allow them to grow and mature. Also taking part in the hiring process, interviewing and recommending the hiring of developers both locally and in other remote technology centres.

      Integration architecture design and development using RESTful services and web services with SOAP, for both provision and consumption of services. I've dealt with a wide range of service types from public cloud services, to client specific and 3rd party services using various transport and authentication schemes.

      Extensive software development experience (17+ years) with Java, working with technologies including Servlets, JSP, EJB, Spring, Hibernate, EclipseLink, JPA, JDBC, Struts, Solr, lots of application support libraries, IDEs, app servers such as IBM WebSphere, Tomcat, CygWin environment, build and test frameworks.

      Working with front-end web technologies, Javascript, CSS and HTML.

      Experience in other languages such as Perl, SQL, C++, C, Pascal, COBOL, Z80 and x86 assembler. Exposure to ASP.

      The ability to quickly pick up new technologies, languages where required.

      Platform security analysis and vulnerability mitigation on both a network and application level.

      Application load and performance testing management, development of test scenarios and test analysis and developing performance improvements.

      IBM WebSphere / BEA Weblogic application server experience in both a development and administration role (using versions 6.1 and 8.0 / 5.1 and 6.1). Sun One Application server experience in predominantly a development role.

      Database development and administration using JPA, Hibernate, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MS Access.

      6 years experience with the Oracle WebCenter Sites Content Management System (previously known as FatWire Content Server).

      2 years experience with the EMC Documentum Content Management suite of applications including Content Server, Web Publisher, Site Caching Services and FTP Services.

      Daily use of various Unix flavours (Ubuntu, Centos) from an application platform perspective and as a development tool. Sometimes this is as a VM running under Windows (VirtualBox or VMWare) or in a DEV/UAT/QA/Production server.

      Web site administration and maintenance including host configuration, server software, networking and security (Linux, OpenBSD, Apache, SSH, Qmail, HTML, Java).

      Extensive design, implementation and administration experience with IBM PC and TCP/IP networks running Solaris, Linux, Windows, Windows NT and MS-DOS (applications, utilities, device drivers, networking hardware/software installation, security, configuration).

      Experience with interfacing software directly with hardware, particularly in stand alone communications devices and IBM/PC video hardware.

      Extensive application development and production experience using 3rd party software.

      Solid CD-ROM production background including formatting and pre-mastering of CD-ROMs using various CD-ROM production systems (it wasn't as easy to create a CD-ROM 14 years ago as it is now!). Extensive working knowledge of CD-ROM capabilities, standards and factors involved in their performance.

      Sound client and end-user communications skills including end-user problem troubleshooting.

      Director, Board member and Secretary of a Victorian not-for-profit Co-operative (The Tau Ceti Co-operative Limited).



Career History


2013 to present

APD Limited (www.apdgroup.com) (formerly Next Digital Limited)




Senior Solution Architect within the Global Clients Group




One of two Solution Architects within the Global Clients Group


As a solution architect I have the role of developing solutions to client requirements, working in partnership with project managers, business analysts, developers and testers. I also act as development team leader managing small teams working on the implementation and testing phases.




      Architecting solutions to client requirements, predominantly in a web environment.

      Project estimation for existing clients and when pitching for new work.

      Developer, testing, project management support.

      Developer code reviews.

      Problem troubleshooting, fixing and/or identifying the teams required to resolve an issue.

      One of the go-to guys for technology advice.



Significant experience:

I was the APD lead in a project to upgrade Ford's website CMS platform from FatWire version 7.6 to Oracle Web Center Sites 11g (a later version of the software, renamed after Oracle purchased FatWire Software). This involved developing and documenting the upgrade, data migration and roll-back processes for the various Ford environments (Dev, QA and Production) and upgrading APDs dev servers. The system was being moved to a new virtualised environment and involved significant interaction with many Ford teams (architecture, networking, firewalls, DB, support groups) in both the US and India. The project itself ran for over a year and the migration was done in groups of markets over a 4 week period.


The architect and development lead for various Ford projects integrating vehicle data into many of the Ford web sites. For example, implementing an end user software download component. This involved SOAP web service integration, Java applet and Microsoft ActiveX Control development, then later integrated with an Azure cloud solution as browser support for Java declined. This is actively used today in many markets globally.


In concert with APDs Head of Technology I developed an Enterprise Architecture piece for a disruptive supply chain start-up company. An initial central element of the architecture was a web site and portal designed to bring on-board clients. I architected this system based around the Liferay portal CMS, and was the development lead for a group of developers and testers based in APD's Manila offices delivering the solution to the client in 8 weeks.


Designed and built a cloud application with Google App Engine based around aggregation of social media content feeds (for example from Twitter tweets or Facebook comments) using a tool known as Yahoo Pipes, passing this through a filtering and approval process and finally integrated into the Ford web platform for display on the Ford Australia website. This provided social media feedback of new vehicle releases or feedback on motoring enthusiast events to the Ford site, depending on how the sources were configured, sometimes in near real-time.





Mar 05 to 2013

Next Digital Limited (www.nextdigital.com) (formerly WDG Limited)




Initially a contracting programmer, then a full-time staff member (Oct '05) with the Java software team, then taking a senior development/architectural role as lead Java technologist.




Part of a team (then lead developer) migrating several of Telstra's document management systems built using Documentum from unsupported Documentum versions to current versions.


WDG's lead developer of a team implementing a Java based front-end search interface to BHP Billiton's document knowledgebase using the Verity search system.


Technology lead for the Data Migration project with News Digital Media migrating the content of the News Limited mast head websites (e.g. heraldsun.com.au, theaustralian.com.au) from NDM's legacy Vignette Content Management System to their new FatWire based system.


Lead member of the team redeveloping the Harvey Norman website using the FatWire Content Management System.


Development, architectural and advisory roles for many other smaller projects over the years as well as being involved in project estimation tasks and selection of prospective staff members.




      For Telstra, the development and implementation of Documentum docbase migration strategies. Also responsible for re-implementing required functionality using the Documentum Java API, and co-ordinating deployment of systems to the UAT and Production environments. Other development responsibilities include re-implementation of various end-user tools using Java servlets, JSP and Perl. I also provide Telstra Level 4 support for the migrated Documentum systems.

      For BHP, the implementation of a corporate Enterprise Search application using JSP and Java servlets interfacing to the Verity K2 search API.

      As Lead for the NDM Data Migration project I was responsible for getting the project completed and the content migrated in time for the newly developed mast head websites to go live.

      With the Harvey Norman project I was responsible for implementing content indexing and search functionality using Solr search technology.



Significant experience:

      Becoming familiar with various Documentum technologies including administration with Documentum Administrator, publishing with Web Publisher and Site Caching Services, use of the Documentum API (through Java and DQL) and customising Webtop and Web Publisher applications.

      Significant amount of Solaris and Oracle system administration experience maintaining the WDG environment at Telstra to support the migration process.

      Becoming familiar with the Verity K2 API. Other technologies I gained experience with include the Struts application framework and the Hibernate persistence layer.

      Working with the FatWire Content Management System.

      Use of many Java projects, APIs and frameworks such as Solr (for full-text search), Spring and it's various aspects, Hibernate, JDBC, JUnit, Eclipse and so on.





May 04 to Oct 04

Myrestu (www.myrestu.com)




Contracting programmer with the Software Development Group.




Member of a 2-person team implementing a Digital Rights Management system.




      Software development, testing and documentation of a DRM system using Java, Oracle and the Sun One Application server.



Significant experience:

      The DRM system was implemented in Java in a J2EE environment using the Sun One Application server as the delivery platform and Oracle 8i as the database server. The J2EE technologies used included EJBs (mostly BMP beans), servlets and JSP with the usual smattering of JNDI.





Oct 99 to Jan 04

Hyro Technologies (www.hyro.com)
(formerly WTL Limited, formerly IconMedialab Australia).








Member of the Hyro Technologies technology team working with all aspects of the companies technology solutions as required.




      Software development and maintenance of client solutions using Java, ASP, Perl, Oracle and SQL Server.


      Implementing and supporting in-house infrastructure support systems such as CVS (Concurrent Version System - for software version control) and Bugzilla (for defect tracking).


      Client consultation and liaison in technical and production aspects of projects.



Significant experience:

      Member of the 5 person development team responsible for the implementation of an oil trading application for BP Australia. This was implemented as an intranet application using J2EE technologies including enterprise Java beans, servlets and JSPs, running within the BEA Weblogic application server and interfacing to an Oracle database and other legacy systems. My role was the development of EJBs, JSPs and controlling servlets to implement major parts of the system. I was also involved in the initial specification of the system, meeting with end-users and producing Use Cases and other documentation based on their input.
I currently have sole responsibility for the maintenance of this continually evolving application. This includes client interaction, estimation and development.


      Member of the development team responsible for the implementation of BP Australia's eBusiness Customer Internet application (www.bpplus.com.au). Again this involved significant J2EE development working with the Weblogic application server platform, Oracle database systems and heritage data systems. My role was similar in scope to my role in the oil trading application, but perhaps with less emphasis on client interaction.

Professional Development:

May 2002: BEA Weblogic 6 Administration course, Canberra.





Aug 94 to Oct 99

Connect 4 (www.connect4.com.au)




Technical Director




With the departure of one of the two technical staff from Connect 4, and a shift in the company's focus from client services to development of information products for sale, I assumed greater responsibility as the technical work increased and changed over time. Also, with the emergence of the Internet as an information delivery platform, my skills were extended to develop, deliver and support Connect 4's web site.




      Software development for products using C, C++, Java and Perl for Windows and web based applications.

      Design, develop and maintain various information databases that are used as the basis for Connect 4's products. They include full text searchable CD-ROM, HTML and RDBMS databases.

      Develop, deploy and maintain Connect 4's web site (webmaster).

      Perform and supervise Connect 4's production tasks. This includes CD-ROM production, data preparation production and client services.

      Interviewing and hiring data production staff.

      Design, implementation and maintenance of Connect 4's network infrastructure for both Internet and intranets. This includes hardware, software, DNS, email, security and firewalls.

      The helpdesk.


Significant experience:

      Production and software development for Connect 4's various information products: The Annual Report Collection, Company Prospectuses, Mergers and Acquisitions, Takeovers, New Issues and Company Announcements. Several of these are delivered via both CD-ROM and the Internet, the CD-ROM applications being Windows applications developed using C++. Others are Internet based only and have been developed using Java servlets or as CGI scripts using Perl.

      Responsible for the design, implementation, configuration and deployment of Connect 4's web site. This included software development, HTML development, configuration of the web server software, network design, firewall configuration, site selection, security and everything else.

      Responsible for the design and implementation of the shrink-wrapped consumer oriented product Shareholder on CD-ROM.

      Responsible for the data preparation and production of CD-ROMs for a large number of Connect 4's clients including organisations such as the Commonwealth Department of Finance, Telstra, the Victorian Ministry of Education, Unilinc Limited, Food Liaison and the Commonwealth Department of Immigration, Local Government and Ethnic Affairs.





Sep 91 to Aug 94

Connect4 (www.connect4.com.au)




Senior Software Engineer




In mid-1991, several members of staff at INFO-ONE left that company and formed a new company - Connect 4. As one of two technical staff at this time, I shared equal responsibility in the provision of services to Connect 4's clients.




      Perform and supervise Connect 4's production tasks.

      Software development, end-user applications and data preparation tools (MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications).

      Database preparation - taking the client's data and transforming it to a form suitable for use with Connect 4's publishing products and end-user software.

      Client consultation and liaison in technical and production aspects of projects.

      End-user problem trouble-shooting in both hardware and software situations.




Significant Experience:

      Complete design and implementation of the successful Pathways Through Education multimedia extension to the Victorian Ministry of Education's Job and Course Explorer (JAC) project. Due to the successful completion of the Jobs Illustrated project for the Ministry of Education, Connect 4 was awarded the contract to co-produce this successor project. I was responsible for the entire design and development for both the user interface and data preparation components (C and assembler), CD-ROM design, liaison with the content providers and co-ordination of the CD-ROM production in the US.

      Production and software development for a Windows based Trademark image database CD-ROM system containing images of most Australian Trademarks. This was implemented using Microsoft Visual C++ and the MFC library. The system, developed for a group of Australian Patent attorneys, continues to be produced 10 times a year.

      Performed and supervised the production of the majority of Connect 4's CD-ROMs.

      The majority of the design and implementation of the CLANN CD-CAT bibliographic full text retrieval system developed for Unilinc Limited, a network a tertiary libraries in NSW. This was a project I originally started while working at Disctronics. It was implemented in C, C++ and assembler (for fast screen I/O). It also involved a large amount of data conversion in the process of storing about a gigabyte of bibliographic data onto a 670MB CD-ROM and leaving room for keyed and full-text index files.




Jul 90 to Sep 91

INFO-ONE International




Production Supervisor / Resource Manager (Melbourne) / Senior Software Engineer




In June 1990, due to changes in the responsibilities of several of the staff in the Melbourne office, I was able to take on the added responsibilities of the direct supervision of the development and production staff and manage the production/development resources.




      Supervise the tasks of the Melbourne CD-ROM production team (software development, data preparation and CD-ROM pre-mastering).

      Production team resource allocation and production administration.

      Development resource allocation and procurement (both hardware and software, involving sourcing, evaluation and recommendation).

      Software development for applications and data preparation tools.

      Leadership of a 4 member Windows product development team.

      Client consultation and liaison in technical and production aspects of projects.

      Advising potential clients on all aspects of optical publishing.

      Training of new production staff members.

      Setting documentation standards for development and production.

      End-user problem trouble-shooting in both hardware and software situations.


Significant Experience:

      Project leader for the INFO-ONE team developing a Windows based full text retrieval system.

      Performed and supervised the production of the majority of INFO-ONE's CD-ROMs.

      Complete design and implementation of the successful Jobs Illustrated (JILL) multimedia extension to the Victorian Ministry of Education's Job and Course explorer (JAC) project. The project was based on CD-ROM/XA technology and was the first of its kind in Australia. It used interleaved audio and image data to present career information to school leavers and job seekers. This project was launched by the Premier of Victoria and was being used in over 100 schools and career centres around Victoria.

      Leading member of the INFO-ONE team implementing the successful Commonwealth Manager's Toolbox product for the Australian Commonwealth Department of Finance. The CD-ROM was distributed 4 times a year to government bodies throughout Australia.


Professional Development:

      May 1991, INGRES/Windows 4GL Developers course.

      October, 1990 - Fred Pryor Management Course - "The Technical Person in a Management Role".




Jan 90 to Jul 90

INFO-ONE International




Senior Software Engineer




INFO-ONE acquired the CD-ROM development group from Disctronics in January 1990. Disctronics divested itself of the CD-ROM development group to concentrate on its core business of CD mastering and replication. As a part of the group from Disctronics, I joined INFO-ONE.




      Development and implementation of software development strategies.

      Development of software in all CD-ROM production areas (user interface, data preparation tools).

      Design of CD-ROM solutions for clients.

      CD-ROM data preparation operations including formatting and pre-mastering.

      Liaising with clients on data preparation, user interface and CD-ROM requirements.

      Providing advice to potential clients on all aspects of optical publishing.

      Overseeing other software engineers within the development group.




Oct 87 to Jan 89

Disctronics Limited




Software Engineer




Disctronics formed a CD-ROM publishing business in April 1987 to foster and service an evolving optical publishing market. I was the first (and subsequently principal) software engineer under the direction of the Software Development Manager.




      Design of CD-ROM solutions for clients.

      Development of CD-ROM database systems, including data preparation tools and user interface software for both text and graphical environments.

      CD-ROM data preparation operations, including formatting and pre-mastering.

      Liaising with clients on data preparation, user interface and CD-ROM requirements.

      Providing advice to potential clients on all aspects of optical publishing.

      Liaising with Disctronics' manufacturing staff.

      Overseeing other software engineers within the development group.




Professional Development:

      November 1997 - Ful/Text search and retrieval software developer's course taken at Fulcrum Technologies, Ottawa, Canada.

      November 1997 - Meridian Data CD-Publisher operations course taken in California, USA.




Jun 82 to Sep 87

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology - Computer Centre




Computer Systems Officer, Grade 1




I joined the staff of RMIT Computer Centre in the capacity of communications programmer. Much of my work involved asynchronous communications software at both a high level (intelligent communications front-end) and low level (protocol handing and device drivers interfacing directly to hardware).




      Design, implementation and maintenance of several microprocessor based projects (both IBM-PC based and dedicated hardware built around Z-80 microprocessors), including:

         Communications software for interfacing asynchronous plotter devices to a CDC mainframe (Cyber).

         Front-end system to central node devices in a state wide educational network (CAE network - VICNET).

         Statistics data collection software for VICNET.

         Asynchronous file transfer package for use within RMIT by staff and students.

         Asynchronous communications utilities.

      Maintenance of the Computer Centre's Minnesota Pascal compiler on the Centre's mainframe (CDC Cyber).

      Advice to RMIT staff members regarding microprocessor based software.

      Supporting RMIT staff and students in their use of the Centre's facilities.


Professional Development:

      1984, MS-DOS course, Management Technology Education.

      1984, PC Networks course, Management Technology Education.

      1986, SNA Communications course, Management Technology Education.

      1986, NOS/VE course, Control Data.







Additional Information


During the period 1980 to 1988, I was involved in the development of a retail pharmacy computerised dispensing system. In partnership with my father (a pharmacist), I designed, implemented and supported the system. Pharmacists throughout Victoria used this system to support their day to day dispensing operations. It was well received and noted for its ease of use.



Tau Ceti Co-operative Limited


A founding member of the Tau Ceti Co-operative which was set up to provide members and others with server facilities to host their Internet presence (web sites, email and/or other services). This has been set up as a Co-operative in the State of Victoria under the Co-operatives Act 1996. I have been a Director, a Board Member and Secretary for the 13 years that the Co-operative has been running. This is a not for profit organisation and is run on a volunteer basis. It has statutory reporting and other requirements mandated by the Act and other legislation which we need to comply with and as Secretary I see that we do.


Date: 1st October, 2016